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If your reading this than you have probably come to see what BMAU has to offer in the world building scene. Unfortunately, BMAU is no longer a functioning group and decided to close up shop.

I'm sorry if this is somewhat of a nuisance or down right boloney. Feel free to contact the group if you have any questions about the group or us.

This may not be a permanent closure. There is still a good chance that Build Me a Universe will once again join the world of the living when more time is found.

Thank you for you time and interest,
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Jun 12, 2010


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28 Members
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Good morning world builders! Or Afternoon if that's the case!
Myself and fellow founder, Claire, have managed to get thing rolling again after a unforeseen tangle of bad timing with events in all thee of our lives. a-fiery-boom, though,  has not yet returned. Wishing him well and that he shall soon return to the madness that is running BuildMeAUniverse!

There is nothing overly major or unusual to announce this week. But, apart from the BMAU chat, there is one thing that I have been doing on the side and dying to announce to the group. Hopefully you will like it as much as I hope you do!  To fill up the blog though, I'm going to have a look at some of the words and a little bit on what our members have been doing. Also, I will have a look at what the affiliates have been up to!


For starters, lets have a look at some of the words, and what our members have been doing.

This is an interesting world. A fantasy setting is its home and it is a very interesting setting indeed. At a first glance, the world looks like it is very much based around the lore and mythology. Jens5461 does a god job of introducing their word in their introduction. Make sure to check that out here,… . Definately worth reading if you get the chance!

Helsettea is another one of the few worlds in BMAU's gallery. This world has quite a decent amount of information on it already and definitely deserves a read if you have a spare moment. EvilPixieA has completed the culture of their world, even the people and the planet itself. It also has a picture of what Helsettea would look like from outer space. you can check out this world at the following link,….


Next up is what our affiliates have been up too. - Mytholouge looks like they are hiring new meat into the world of administration? Maybe it's worth checking it out if your into helping out the guys who run your favorite groups? - FocusOnLit looks like a competition has just finished! Checking out the winners and contestants might be fun. I bet their work is great and deserves a little attention, don't you?


EDIT: So much for "very soon." Sorry this is so last minute you guys, these past few weeks have been so crazy for all of us. I originally had the Chat planned for tomorrow night, August 20th 7PM CDT but haven't been able to update this blog until now. Because this all has been so hectic, no topic this week. Just a little time to hang out and catch up with all our world-building things. We'll also be discussing AfterField's new World Template. So if you're free, come chill with us. Chats are always a lot of fun!

what do you thing of a template that will help your organize and build your own world? Hopefully you think highly of it because I have been working on such a thing in my spare time. I may be releasing an early version very soon to give everyone an idea on how it looks, works and feels. I would also appreciate people thoughts and ideas when I do release it. In fact, any ideas or thoughts now would be great! The more input the better I suppose!


Well, that's all. Hope you somewhat enjoyed reading through this blog. I know it doesn't follow the rules we have, but I suppose its better than nothing, right? And if I have any spelling or grammatical mistakes in here, just look past them yeah? I can't be bothered proof reading it and double checking the post ahah! I'm so professional, aren't I?

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Creazione è la felicità,
~a-fiery-boom, Ugh, I mean Afterfield!
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Newbr Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey so I submitted my art just now but it wouldn't let me submit to written art :( just letting you guys know :)
PeaceLovingMadman Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well I don't know if this group will ever work again, but the world I submitted here was a small side project I was working on that I decided to shelve for now. I'm not sure if this would matter or not, but I would like to shift my world to my main world that I'm working on. I have a ton of stuff from it that I could contribute with. Just a heads-up. I love this group and I'm as much responsible as anyone for letting the gas go out of the balloon. I'm not one for flogging a dead horse, but don't die on me here man
mare-of-night Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011
Are we going to have another group chat sometime? Even if no one wants to write up questions, just talking to all the other worldbuilders sometime would be fun,
(1 Reply)
LittleDreamer152 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry to say, but I no longer have interest in this group, but I don't know how to take myself out. Help please. Thanks,
(2 Replies)
PazWus Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
Question before i apply, does a universe count? Because world sounds general and im sort of unsure whether it is a planet or a universe :D thx
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